miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

MELIAH RAGE "Masquerade" (2009, Thrash Metal)

ENGLISH VERSION (Para versión en español, leer más abajo)

The years pass and Boston’s Heralds are still alive and well releasing CDs. For this new album Darren Lourie fills the bass that Jesse Johnson left, Paul Souza also left the band... and Mike Munro is back!!!.

“Masquerade” shows a genuine, mature Meliah Mage with extended compositions (6 minutes average). The trademarks of their sound are very benefitiated thanks to the stong and solid production of Rich Spillberg – In my opinion the best that the band had in all their career – every instrument is perfectly audible. The six string tandem of Tony Nichols/Jim Koury thrash, harmonize, make twin guitars, also “counterpoints” and as never, remember some elements of their first two efforts but with a 2010 sound and without cloning the past.

“Chosen” and “Dreamer” had a little taste of “Kill To Survive”, “Lost And Found” and the galloping “Whatever With Takes” remember some moments of “Solitary Solitude”. Darren Lourie is a solid and precise bassist, benefitiated thanks to the compositions and the strong production. Never before I’ve listened so clearly this instrument on a Meliah album.

And Mike Munro not only decide to come back, here he brings us his best performance of his career. Specially on “Seeker” during the first two minutes and the same happens with the calm and cadence that with the other guys achieved on the title track.

“Hour Glass” is more catchy, with hook and many colours and guitar resources. “Last Rites” comes with a surprise, Ronny Munroe (ex Metal Church) sings on it. The guy shines with an excellent performance. Anything else to add?. A great album, the tracks are amazing, much less darker than “The Deep And Dreamless Sleep”, and perhaps it’s a work that for a listener that it is not familiarized with Meliah Rage requires more spins for the lenght of the songs and some complex structures.

While other bands go and came back, they still are here with their distinctive sound, heavier, a sort of thrash (Not 100% thrash) with a strong Metallica and metal of the eighties influence, but the enchant that they offer here shines.

Unfortunately the world are still missing them... nothing has changed. Some brilliant things in life remains for a few ones.

Rate: 9/10